Inspired by our travels through the scenic farmhouses of southern Italy – purveyors of the finest quality food and generations of local history – Masseria is an invitation to a simpler time. It’s a place where friends and neighbours can gather, share a drink and a laugh, and enjoy a taste of the best of Napoli in our rustic, classico pizzeria.

Authentic, traditional, and grounded in recipes built over a century ago, our pizzas are created with fresh, ripened ingredients both locally-sourced and pulled directly from the homeland – prepared, sliced, and fired with our handmade dough right before your eyes in our blistering 850 degree ovens.

Contemporary, simplistic, and delicious, Masseria is a glimpse into a 185 year-old heritage born on the tight, winding stone streets of Napoli, perfected by the hands of community farmers on the lush, southern Italian countryside, and brought into the vibrant bustle of Toronto’s diverse urban centre.

Come together and enjoy.