A masseria is a farmhouse typically found on estate land in the scenic and lush Italian countryside – offering fresh, local food, warm accommodation, and the splendour of its landscape to guests from all over the world. Our Masseria takes this essence of timeless character into the urban beat of Toronto’s core – with a sophisticated menu, a vibrant space, and all the authenticity of ripe, southern Italian flavours pulled from the stone streets of Napoli – the true moderno classico experience.

Our vision is to create a restaurant that stood as a collaborazione of modern style, innovative design, and simple, bellissimo food – Masseria is a taste of southern Italy brought into the luxuries of contemporary dining in the city. Sweet pomodoro, fior di latte, and basilico from the garden drizzled in balsamic – enjoyed alongside a good neighbour and a fine wine – taking you from King St. to the southern Italian coast; the scent of warm espresso in the air and a kiss from someone special – the very best of la dolce vita. This is Italianissmo – this is Masseria.